Piano Tuning

The two main reasons a piano goes out of tune are the atmospheric variations (temperature changes), and the nature of a piano's construction. Your piano should be tuned regularly at least once a year.

It is important to keep your piano tuned to the pitch standard of A-440 cycles per second. The result will be a better sound and higher ability to create music.

By having your Piano Tuned with Kleiser Piano's in Limerick, it can prevent wear and breakage on your Piano giving it a longer life. By having a full regulation done every 1 to 2 years, your piano will sound and respond to your playing just like new.

Not having your piano tuned for a couple of years will cause moisture to collect on the strings. This problem makes the strings rust and lose their tone thus causing more issues.

Piano Repairs

When you develop a problem with your piano never attempt to make repairs or tuning yourself. A qualified and experienced technician from Kleiser Piano's Limerick has the knowledge, tools and parts needed to fix your piano right.

There are many different kinds of repairs that might be required to fix your piano like regulation, reconditioning, rebuilding or refinishing.

Regulation is the setting up of each part on a piano involving the keys and making sure they are in correct position.

Reconditioning puts a piano back into good condition by cleaning and adjusting any replacement parts, which improves the piano's performance.

Rebuilding is the replacement of soundboard, bridges, pinblock, and strings if they are worn or damaged.

Refinishing is the process of taking off old finish on a piano, which can fade or be damaged from the affects of sunlight, moisture, abrasion, or fire. Normally, the refinishing process takes place after a piano has been rebuilt with the final result being a new shine.

Piano Moving

The weight and size of a piano makes moving them very difficult. The main reason to hire a professional piano mover like Kleiser Piano's is ensure the safety of your instrument. With Kleiser Piano's, you receive the best prices and professional treatment with your piano.


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